Click this link for live full band and acoustic performances and worship leading videos: JMK Live Videos

JMK acoustic live stream concert -2020 (sorry, it was filmed in reverse!)

JMK leading worship with Orchestra and choir at Red Bank Baptist Nov. 2022 (start at 11:27) and (1:20:34)

JMK TV interview on WPSD Local 6 – Paducah, KY 2022

JMK radio interview on Moody Radio Chattanooga, TN – Morning with Tom and Tabi 2022

JMK TV interview and performance on TN Valley Living w/ Peyton Walker 2021

JMK TV interview on WBKO – ABC Channel 13 – Bowling Green KY w/ Laura Rogers 2021

JMK TV interview and performance on This N’ That in Chattanooga, TN 2021

JMK interview and performance on Lifest Live at K-LOVE/AIR 1 in Nashville, TN 2021

JMK interview on the Tom Golly Official Podcast


JMK acoustic concert with Michael Ricks at The Local in Nashville, TN 2020

JMK interview on The Enlightened Musician Podcast

JMK interview on the Erskin Music Show

JMK leading worship at Olathe Christian Church in Olathe, KS 2019

JMK – Praise God, Shame on the devil, amen – Tallahassee, FL DNOW Weekend – 2019

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Hey friends! 2024 is flying by and I hope to see you on the road some this year. My new single “Out There” debuts worldwide on May 24th and I can’t wait for you to hear it! You can pre-save it now. I can’t wait to see you “out there” on the road!

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“I want to encourage you to experience John Martin Keith’s worship ministry in your church. Marty recently led worship for us at Smyrna Baptist Church in Chapel Hill, Tennessee and he did a perfect job of leading our church family into God’s presence. As a former worship pastor, I understand the value of an accurate and emotional musical experience from an artistic standpoint. But far more than that, as a follower of Jesus, I treasure coming into His awesome presence with my church family. Marty was sensitive to God’s Spirit and certainly accomplished all of that for our church, and for me.” – Mark Smith, Pastor, Smyrna Baptist Church, Chapel Hill, TN.

“John Martin Keith was a wonderful addition to our 2022 DNow. Along with his band, Marty brought a Spirit filled and professional worship experience that our students are still talking about today. He was kind, courteous, and professional. I appreciate the humble and meticulous approach to worship. He elevated our DNow and set the bar high for events to come. I would encourage anyone to book Marty and see how the Lord continues to use him in worship ministry.” – Jeremiah Ross, Youth Pastor, Heartland Church, Paducah, KY.

“Marty is a pleasure to work with! He led worship for our family camp and did a phenomenal job leading from stage and even interacting with families throughout the weekend. Marty is professional, flexible, and humble in his approach to ministry. He definitely contributed to a successful retreat.” – Eric Rupp, Program Director, Miracle Camp, Lawton, MI.

“John Martin Keith came to New Hope off the heels of performing 3 days in a row at Lifest in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Despite weariness and some lack of sleep, he served our congregation with the same spiritual fervor regardless of venue! It was a pleasure working with him and we feel your congregation would have the same uplifting experience! Thanks John Martin Keith!” – Steve Mehl, Worship Arts Director, New Hope Church, Neenah, WI.

“I highly urge the people of God to consider the anointed ministry of John Martin Keith. (Marty) and his family ministered to our church at a recent Sunday morning worship celebration. I can say with great enthusiasm that the hand of the Lord is upon Marty’s calling to lead the church in worship through music! He spent part of his childhood in our church and many of the folks who remembered him were thrilled to see how the Lord was using him in such a wonderful way. Our congregation was greatly blessed by Marty’s Christ-like spirit and the faithful use of his gifts. He made a truly inspirational impact on our congregation—and I received numerous positive statements about his ministry with us. I assure you that John Martin Keith’s ministry will be a great blessing to any church or Christian organization. You may feel confident that when he ministers God’s Word through music, his heart for people and God’s kingdom will be evident. His dynamic music will edify and equip the body of Christ and the Lord Jesus Christ will be exalted in your midst! I am happy to give John Martin Keith my highest endorsement and recommendation for ministry.”– Dr. Wes Conner, Senior Pastor, Mt. Zion Baptist Church, West Paducah, Kentucky

“John Martin Keith was an AMAZING addition to our DNOW 2019 weekend. Marty brought three of his best dudes to lead worship for our students and congregation. He is a talented, humble, and kind artist who is on fire for the Lord. The students, leaders, and parents felt the music — felt the Lord’s presence. God was definitely moving throughout the weekend. If you need someone to lead you in worship, JMK is your guy for sure. We welcomed him to Tallahassee, FL and we would gladly welcome him back with open arms. P.S., Be ready to praise God and shame the devil, AMEN!” — Alberto Santiago, Minister to Youth, First Baptist Church, Tallahassee, FL.

“John Martin Keith was an excellent addition to our retreat.  He is very musically gifted and was able to lead our congregation in worship.  He did a great job even though the crowds was very diverse in age.  Marty was able to connect with all ages.  I would recommend bringing him in to lead in worship in any setting.” – Josh Ely, Managing Director, Word of Life Camp (The Ranch)

“John Martin Keith led worship for one of our weeks of Family Camp.  He was so appreciated – for his wonderful musical talent, for leading the families with energy, his mixture of upbeat, child-friendly songs and slower, reflective songs.  We also loved that his family joined him and enjoyed the week with us.  Marty is a good communicator, easy to work with, flexible with the unique schedule of summer camp and passionate to serve the Lord through music ministry.” – Kendra Martin, Program Manager, Camp Hebron

“It’s been my delight to know John Martin Keith for several years. Whether serving as part of a large worship team or as a solo worship leader, Marty balances a composure of skill and sincerity, helping us worship Christ. He serves eagerly, humbly, and ‘stays out of the way’. Having served in so many different ministry situations, Marty is kind and wise to work within whatever expectations a group may have, whether it is a student retreat or a Sunday service, he is keenly aware that he is there to encourage others in their walk with Christ. Don’t hesitate to invite John Martin Keith to serve along with you.” – Dr. Michael Easley, former president-Moody Bible Institute, pastor and teacher – Michael Easley – inContext and Stonebridge Bible Church

“John Martin Keith did a fantastic job leading our congregation in worship. I would recommend him to any church, big or small. He led by himself with just his voice and guitar but the sound was full and inspiring. Don’t hesitate to bring him to your church, whether you’re looking for a week off or just a change of pace for your congregation.” – Matt Estep, Minister of Worship Arts, Linglestown Life UMC

John Martin Keith (Marty) has been gracious enough to fill in for our church when we are in need of someone to help lead our worship/music. He is a gifted singer/musician/songwriter. 2nd Mile Church is a brand new fellowship and we have a good mix of generational worshipers. Marty did a great job of including everyone with his music. He blends hymns, contemporary songs, choruses and even some new songs that he has written, while giving God praise and glory!!
I would recommend him to any church.”- Cal Hampton, Pastor, 2nd Mile Church, Clarksville, TN

“Great Worship Leader!  We had the privilege of having John Martin Keith at our Father/Son Retreat this past May. What a joy to work with ‘Marty’! I was extremely impressed at how Marty was able to connect with the Fathers and Sons at our retreat, not just in his worship leading, but in his interactions during meals, games and our recreation times. I believe Father/Son Retreats are some of the harder events to lead due to the varying ages of the audience, but Marty did an excellent job. I also personally enjoyed the many talks that Marty and I had over meals. If you are looking for a worship leader that can fit any event you are looking for, whether at a camp setting, church setting or concert venue, I highly recommend John Martin Keith!” -Bob Veach, Guest Services Manager, Jenness Park Christian Camp, Cold Springs, CA

“John Martin Keith was a great blessing to our sectional. He keeps the spotlight on Jesus as he leads worship, with songs that are singable and substantial. His professionalism is evident, and his heart for people and the Lord really comes through. If you haven′t booked him yet, do it now.” –Stan Coker, Christian Camp and Conference Association Sectional President
, Cumberland Youth Camp, Woodlawn, TN

“John Martin Keith is a name I will keep close at hand. Marty was the worship leader at the CCCA Georgia, Tennessee/Kentucky Super Sectional in February. He was spot on. In every worship session he lead us in worship and prepared our hearts to hear a message from God.” –Jeff Croft, Christian Camp and Conference Association Sectional President
, Adrian Camp and Conference Center, Adrian, GA

“John Martin Keith is an excellent worship leader for your event. We had him in Stanford, KY this year for a DNow event. Book him today.” –Shawn Ingram
, First Priority Heritage, Stanford, KY

“Our local association hosted a Disciple Now Weekend for youth in our area the last weekend of February. John Martin Keith and his band led us all in worship for the weekend and did a fantastic job. They were easy to work with, professional, and most importantly, led us in Spirit-filled worship that prepared us to experience God’s Word. The kids had a great time singing with the band, and I would definitely recommend them to you as worship leaders for your next D Now or youth event.” –Chad Hancock
, Student Minister, First Baptist Church, Fayetteville, TN

“Marty led worship for our Labor Day Family Camp and did a wonderful job. The Lord used him in huge ways that weekend. He had a great set that kept kids and adults in a spirit of worship, I would use him for any age group that we would have at camp. He was a lot of fun!” –

Brian Toth
, Program & Operations, Big Sandy Camp, MN

I’ve known John Martin Keith since the summer of 1997. Our relationship started at Mission Lake Christian Camp, in Horton, KS. He came and led worship for us that summer. That started a long season of ministering the gospel together. I have had JMK come and lead worship at camp and/or in the church I serve for the last16 years. What I appreciate about JMK are several things. First of all, his humble spirit. Ever since I met him, he’s been one that’s not put himself before anyone. He was always willing to do whatever I asked him to do. And for a singer/songwriter from Nashville, TN, that’s saying something. Secondly, I’ve appreciated his desire to grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ. It’s been a joy to watch him mature in his faith journey and I’ve appreciated our discussions on the deeper things of God. If you’re wanting a guy that’s humble,loves God’s word and loves Jesus, then John Martin Keith is your guy. Oh, by the way, he can play guitar, sing and lead worship very well. You may even consider having him come and lead a worship conference. He’s one of the most talented musicians, singers and worship leaders that I’ve been around. JMK’s gift to encourage people through music will enhance whatever event he leads. It will be excellent and it will glorify God!” –Kent D. Klundt
, Senior Pastor
, Rosendale Christian Church, Rosendale, MO

“I’ve known JMK for going on nearly 10 years. The first time I met him he was singing in a mutual friends wedding. I thought, “maybe when I grow up I can play guitar like that guy.” Since that day we have stayed in touch and I think he has progressed on the guitar… don’t know if I can say the same for myself. I don’t get the opportunity to hear JMK lead worship on a regular basis and I don’t get to attend a lot of his shows around the country. What I do think is really cool about JMK is his love for the Lord off the stage.  Because my relationship with him is more based off the stage, I can vouch for his genuineness, authentic passion, and his desire to not only constantly be improving his skill as a musician, singer, song writer, but also his desire to make HIM known above all else. He’s the real deal… on stage and off.” –Jonathan Jordan
, Worship Pastor
, North Asheville Baptist Church, Asheville, NC, 
President- WAKETHESILENCE Ministries

“JMK understands that worship is more than an event or experience. His ability to not only provide excellence in music, but to connect the hearts of people with God is incredible. This ability leads to worship experiences that transcend the time together and move to a much larger kingdom focus. What a blessing to lead alongside someone who′s heart for Jesus and people was bigger than his desire to be known.” –Blake Lawyer, 
Youth Camp Speaker & Assistant Pastor
, Christ Community Church, Shelbyville, KY

“I have worked with John Martin Keith during several weeks of camp. Each time he has connected well with the students and has led them to the throne. I am thankful to have been able to work with JMK and to see his heart for worship come out in all that he does.” –James Wright, 
Co-Dean at Camp Illiana & Worship Pastor
, New Hope Christian Church, Washington, IN

“I have known John Martin Keith for over a decade and would not hesitate to recommend him as a worship leader. Whether leading in a large corporate worship setting on a Sunday Morning or a more intimate evening concert, JMK’s heart for worship will usher others into the presence of The Lord. JMK has always honored God with his musical talents in his performance and songwriting. His Christ centered focus always shines through his craft. JMK’s character is beyond reproach. A strong family man, the character of Christ is reflected in his role as both a husband and father. JMK, is at a unique place in his life to reach a larger demographic of believers. He has the life experiences and maturity that endears him to both young adults and older believers but he also has the youthfulness and edge, which captivate a younger audience. Again, I do not hesitate to recommend John Martin Keith as worship leader at your church/venue, whether for a regular worship service or special event.” –Shay Watson
, Worship Leader
, Covenant Baptist Church, Brentwood, TN

“Amazing” is how I would describe John Martin Keith′s music ministry. His love for the Lord is evident in all areas of his life.  Our youth group thoroughly enjoyed having Marty and Keely come and lead us in worship during our Disciple Now and  Winter Retreat. Not only did John Martin (Marty as we call him) have a wonderful performance, he also became very real to our students by learning their names, life struggles, and how he and Keely could specifically pray for them. My wife and I love having both Marty and Keely visit us and cannot wait for the next opportunity for them to minister to us again!  God is definitely working in their lives and through their ministry.” –Aaron Bracey,
 Youth Minister,
 Bull Street Baptist Church, Savannah, GA

“John Martin Keith sings and shares from his heart and from his experience in ministry. His songs are well-crafted and bring the listener into the presence of God… We enjoyed having him bring his ministry to our church family, and we were encouraged and challenged to know and love Jesus more as a result.” –Jim Black,
 Hope Community Church, Boynton Beach, FL

“The music and message of John Martin Keith were warmly received and enthusiastically enjoyed at The Escape. His blend of rock and worship are in perfect compliment to the message and life stories that are interwoven through his performance. His heart for the Lord and compassion for the hurting is definitely evident. He is a consummate musician, an excellent showman and a joy to know.” –Michael Millington, 
Executive Director, 
The Escape, West Palm Beach, FL

“John and his wife, Keely, are truly an awesome couple and have an amazing heart for worship and ministry. The whole ministry was very professionally done and the sound was top notch. John was able to connect quickly with our students and had a powerful message through his music and testimony. It was great to feel his passion throughout the entire evening. We are looking forward to having them back again!” –Andy George
, High School Pastor
, Crossroads Fellowship, Raleigh, NC

“Quality sound, contemporary presentation, and a powerful message in song- this was our experience with JMK. He led in concert at our student body chapel providing one of the best concerts our campus has ever seen. From his website, to meeting in person, to the actual event; John was so easy to work with. We will definitely be asking him back to our campus.” –Rusty Wirt
, Baptist Campus Ministry Director, 
Mid-Continent University, Mayfield, KY

“John Martin Keith came and did a concert/worship service for our youth group and did a great job!  I wasn′t sure how the students would respond, yet they got into the music and the message. John Martin Keith did a good job of blending in the rockin′ stuff with worship and allowing the students a chance to express themselves through singing along with him. I recommend John Martin Keith to be a part of any event you may be having. I have known him for over ten years and have seen him mature into the musician and minister that he is today.” –Brett Franklin, 
Youth Pastor
, Gospel Mission Worship Center, Paducah, KY

“Just wanted to say that our students had a great time with John Martin Keith. His heart for Christ was clearly seen by our teenagers and i think that makes a world of a difference between an “okay” evening and a “great”evening. Our students could see that his heart was to lead them in a time of ministry through song, worship,and his spoken story and NOT to entertain 
them. They laughed, they were challenged, and they responded. We had one student come forward and share with one of our student leaders of her struggles with purity because she had been a victim of rape. John Martin′s heart for those that are hurting encouraged her to share openly and realize that she is not alone. She sensed in the midst of her difficult situation that there really is a Savior that longs to redeem her and has made her beautiful.” –Jason Garris
, Minister of Students, 
Hermitage Hills Baptist Church, Hermitage, TN

“I have known John Martin Keith for several years now, as he formerly was a praise and worship leader in our church. When JMK comes to your church or venue, you will get a concert which has more of a praise and worship feel than a concert. It is immediately apparent when you hear him, that his heart is into worship and that he plays to an audience of One. My kids and I were truly ministered to more by JMK than at any other concert that we′ve been to. He truly does music in an effort to serve the Lord. Everyone needs to have JMK at their church.” –Lew Poe, 
Minister of Youth
, Wildwood Baptist Church, Joplin, MO