Hello friends!  JMK had a great year touring all over the country in 2017 and is busy putting together his new tour that will take him around the country for much of 2018.  The new album“Over The Weekend” is moving along and he has also started recording his new worship album “The Sounds Of Redemption” which will be full of songs your church will be able to sing every Sunday!  In 2018 we are looking forward to working with churches and camps that we have been doing ministry with for years now and we are also very excited to be working with new camps, churches and conferences that we are getting to know for the first time.  If you are connected to a camp that hosts youth and family camps or weekend retreats and are in need of a worship leader, or if your church would like to give your worship team a break for a weekend to be able to worship with their families, JMK would love the opportunity to discuss leading worship for you.  JMK also wants to give you an opportunity to personally be involved with the tour this year.  We want to bring the concerts right into your living room (literally)!  We are offering opportunities to perform House Concerts right in your home.  These are invitation only concerts where you invite the people you want to introduce to JMK’s music into your home for an evening of music, food and fun.  These are intimate, acoustic concerts in a very laid back atmosphere that allows the artist and audience to connect much more closely than larger venues sometimes allow.  If you would be interested in hosting John Martin Keith for your church, camp or house concert or homeschool/worship/writers conference event, please click the “contact” page or call Edenbrooke Music at 615-415-1942 and we will find a date that works with the 2018 tour.  We can’t wait to see you on the road!